Dipu Patel - Acupuncturist




Dipu achieved her Diploma in Health and wellness in Humber college in Toronto. After obtaining Diploma in Acupuncture in Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she became a licensed Acupuncturist in Alberta and joined The physio care. She also worked as a physiotherapist in back home for 3 years.

With the strong Health and wellness background, she has a strong clinical and anatomy foundation in assisting people who are suffering from the musculoskeletal, neurological, gastrointestinal, mental-emotional disorders, and many more through natural healing therapy. Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine which emphasizes not only on balancing, improving whole body health mentally and physically, but also harmonizing between human and nature. Believing that getting rid of the symptoms is not the end of the story, she brings her passion and enthusiasm to help you perform better, enjoy your life more and actually reach your goal. Correspondingly, she will push you a little more and treat you as if you are inherently strong instead of being fragile.

In addition, to make herself a better practitioner and to have better ability to help people reduce their suffering, she also equips herself with other nature healing skills, such as painless needle therapy, fire cupping therapy, auricular and scalp therapy, moxibustion, herbal therapy, and physiotherapy.


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Do I need a doctor's referral to book an appointment?

A referral from a doctor is no longer needed before seeing a physiotherapist. You may be asked by your insurance company to get a referral before seeing a physiotherapist, but it is not common. People are usually able to schedule an appointment directly with the physiotherapist.

At The Physio Care we ensure that our customers are able to book appointments in the way that is comfortable for them
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