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If you’re experiencing pain in your neck, back, or feet, it could be time to upgrade your massage table. A hard surface restricts the range of motion for both the client and the massage therapist. 

Physiotherapy involves the diagnosis, treatment, management of movement dysfunction, and enhancement of physical functional abilities.

Chiropractors Okotoks are health care professionals who specialize in spinal manipulation, spinal adjustments, and other treatments that are not classified as surgery. 

To reduce or prevent those health issues, cupping practitioners apply cups—typically glass or silicone—to your skin to create a pressure that sucks your skin inward. 


Dry needling works by increasing blood supply to the tissue in much the same way as massage. The needle is much finer and more accurate than a thumb so it can be a very precise and powerful technique.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is a great way to recover from conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and other gynecological problems.

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You may be interested to know that in Alberta, a physical therapist does not need a recommendation from your physician or healthcare professional to examine or treat you. When it comes to providing accessible treatment, physical therapists are important members of the health care team and they can help patients with a wide range of sports and musculoskeletal Injuries.