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andy luu - massage therapist okotoks

Massage Therapist 



Hi, my name’s Andy, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

My mission’s to help you improve your quality of living through massage therapy.

Whether you are looking to relax or recover from an injury, I will work with always to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your care. After initial assessment and treatment, based on your goal, I can recommend a treatment schedule and refer you to the other healthcare professionals if necessary.

Muscular pain is not fun, and it takes the joy out of the things you love doing. Many people will endure it and wait for it to go away. There’s a better way to get better from muscular pain through massage therapy.

Massage therapy is a natural way of addressing muscular pain without severe adverse side effects that are often associated with drugs. So you can start to heal and feel better sooner and get back to doing what you love.


  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Swimming

Massages are a great way to relieve tension in your body. Yet, it can be hard to find a massage therapist who understands your pain.

Massage therapy can help treat many common aches and pains? First, it can help relieve muscle tension. Second, it can increase blood flow and circulation. Third, massage therapy can help people with fibromyalgia sleep better and feel less pain.

Massage therapy has become a popular form of treatment for those who are looking to relieve pain, increase relaxation, and prevent the potential recurrence of injuries. Massage therapy is now being used by athletes, professional sports teams, elite military units, and even everyday people to help reduce stress.

If you’re looking for a massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, click on this link to learn more about the benefits of massage treatments.

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report that said that half of all adults reported having pain in the last three months. When you have muscle aches and pains, it can be difficult to move around or do your usual routine. Massages are one way to relieve sore muscles.

Do I need a doctor's referral to book an appointment?

A referral from a doctor is no longer needed before seeing a physiotherapist. You may be asked by your insurance company to get a referral before seeing a physiotherapist, but it is not common. People are usually able to schedule an appointment directly with the physiotherapist.

At The Physio Care we ensure that our customers are able to book appointments in the way that is comfortable for them